To talk about the door material that is used a lot in current buildings, aluminum and glass doors often account for a sizable proportion. Customers can choose and install it as doors or windows. However, there are some mistakes when making aluminum glass doors or during installation. This can affect the use and durability of aluminum and glass doors.

We specialize in construction of aluminum and glass doors, aluminum and glass walls, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry and enthusiastic engineers of aluminum glass. To make full aluminum and glass doors, please see some points to be susceptible to when making aluminum glass doors.

Things to know before executing aluminum and glass doors, making aluminum and glass doors

Forgot to check the size of the building and the size of the installation door

It is important to choose a size that fits snugly. Although you are not the person who directly installs aluminum and glass doors, you also need to learn about how to install them.

Installers may make the fundamental mistake that there is no similarity between window size and dimensions at the construction site. Therefore, the installation process may encounter difficulties. After finishing, it is not like the wishes of the family.

In addition, the problem of choosing to install aluminum glass doors that are not suitable for its position is also frequently encountered. Many families only pay attention to choose beautiful and impressive models that they forget to fit into the space.

Aluminum doors do not fit close to the door

This issue needs to be paid close attention during the installation of aluminum and glass doors. It is necessary to check whether the installation door position is correct with the standard gap of the wall edge. After the installer has finished construction, it is recommended to check whether the width of the door is parallel to the edge of the wall or not? Also, do not let the doorway loose or distorted by this error can cause many inconveniences during use.

Moreover, structures after installation that are unbalanced, do not fit properly, can make doors not good, faster to break down. Especially when the tightness between the wall and the door is not guaranteed according to the set standards.

Do not pay attention to the accessories included

When making aluminum glass doors, also need to pay attention to the accessories included. These accessories not only make your door more beautiful but also help it work effectively. Therefore, it should be noted some issues such as:

Where is the accessory installation location? Is it balanced and aesthetically pleasing?
Types and quantities of hinges are suitable for aluminum and glass doors. Hinges must ensure good bearing as committed by the product.
If it is a sliding glass aluminum door, you should check the wheel section as well as the slide to see if it works well before and after the installation is completed.
Making aluminum glass doors cheap but guaranteed?

Currently on the market there are a lot of companies constructing aluminum glass doors, or making glass aluminum doors and windows. But to distinguish the types of genuine glass aluminum doors with supplier stamps, you should look for reputable aluminum glass door companies.

Cheap but guaranteed. Depending on the type of aluminum glass doors that we classify the price of construction stars.

There are 4 types of aluminum and glass doors are storming in Vietnam market: xingfa aluminum doors, Hyundai aluminum doors, Vietnamese French aluminum doors. All are classified as high-class aluminum glass doors, but the price compared to conventional aluminum glass doors is not too big difference, in exchange for you will enjoy the policies from genuine high-grade aluminum doors. Warranty service of door accessories.

Making cheap aluminum and glass doors in Hanoi

Hoang Phat Co., Ltd specializes in making aluminum glass doors, constructing large aluminum glass door projects, such as residential areas, supermarkets, urban areas, or constructing aluminum glass doors for houses, townhouses, instant villas. adjacent. With many years of experience in design consultancy, direct construction of aluminum and glass doors, all kinds of high-quality aluminum and glass doors such as: xingfa aluminum doors, hyundai aluminum doors, Vietnamese-French aluminum doors and many types of aluminum and glass doors. other.

Some aluminum and glass doors are made in Hanoi

Making aluminum and glass doors in Thang Long Industrial Park in Hanoi, with a fairly large project scale, high total area, to fit the environment in the industrial park we have designed and made aluminum glass doors with all kinds of aluminum and glass doors. to best fit. Below is a model of aluminum glass doors suitable for offices, showrooms, industrial areas. Vietnamese and French aluminum doors, Hyundai are quite suitable.


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