Interior design is a companion or more precisely it is an important and integral part of architecture. An architectural work, despite its monumental scale, unique shapes and modern designs, the interior decoration, interior space design will not be convenient, not harmonious aesthetically. into an unfinished building. It can be said that interior designer is the extension arm in perfecting and blowing life into the works of architects. In other words, architecture is the body and the interior is the soul. Architecture must see feng shui in the direction and interior to pay attention to gas. A beautiful architecture with an unreasonable interior is also very difficult in the daily life of the owner. Therefore, interior design is becoming more and more interested by investors and accepting more investment.

Some pictures of Hoang Phat’s interior design

With over 10 years of experience in interior design, Hoang Phat has successfully designed many large and small restaurant banks.

To receive quick advice and professional interior design service, professional luxury from Hoang Phat, please contact:


Hotline: 024 666 18 666 – 0978 19 55 88

Email: [email protected]



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