Decorating your living room can be a daunting task when you’re on a tight budget. Not to mention that the size of the living room is often the most problematic aspect of the decorating process. It is the common space of the whole family and you naturally want to make it recognized as beautiful as possible. And interior designers will help you in 9 simple ways right below.

1. Wall paintings

The color you choose for the living room wall will be the most important choice that affects all decorations, theme palettes. Paint in bright colors if you want to increase the size of a small living room. In case you do not like white, you can choose cream, light brown, light blue, gray or light pink. They will create a feeling of comfort, openness, bright and they easily coordinate with other furniture in the room. For example, if you choose a light brown picture, the color of the decorations can be neutral shades such as pale pink coffee table, impressive cream-colored sofa or cream-colored carpet. Such a combination will add sophistication to your living room.

However, choosing a light color for a small room is not a fixed rule. Interior design should suit your personality and if dark is your preference, choose it. A dark color can also add elegance and will make your living room look larger by the simple fact that it blurs the edges of the wall. To avoid creating a dark atmosphere, add light-colored furniture and decorations such as white curtains, light blue sofas or yellow flower vases so you can balance the look.

Tip: you can decorate your wall with simple decorative stickers based on your chosen picture. For example, a light blue picture will create a springy and sophisticated look if paired with white flower theme stickers.

2. Pillow

Pillows are by far the best decorative accessory you can buy. Cozy, yet elegant, pillows can brighten your living room as well as your sofa. Based on the color of the furniture or wall, there are a range of patterns, colors and textures you can choose from:

– Natural vivid palette (i.e. yellow, green) for brown sofas.

– Big yellow and red pillows for green sofas.

Tip: don’t forget that you can mix colors if you don’t want your decoration to match. For example, if you have a gray sofa with gray or white pillows, add a few orange pillows to make them feel alive.

3. Size of the interior

Choose furniture based on the size of the living room. Even if a large sofa is comfortable, experts still recommend choosing a more compact model that doesn’t take up a lot of space. The same rules for coffee tables or shelf units.

4. Chandeliers

From classic or modern style, the chandelier is still the most elegant item in your living room and adds a sense of sophistication and warmth around the room. Therefore, do not hesitate to use lamps, searchlights or candles.

Tip: for a cozy atmosphere, use a wall light. They come with designs ranging from luxurious to rustic.

5. Mirror

Using mirrors can bring out the feeling of a wider space. Similar to lighting objects, mirrors have great shapes, sizes, and designs to fit your desires and themes. You can choose a circular decorative mirror for stylish decoration, or you can choose a vortex shaped mirror if you want to complete your modern decor.

Tip: place a mirror near a window or in front of a window to illuminate the room.



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