The kitchen is considered as the heart of the house, a place to “keep fire” for every family. Therefore, feng shui kitchen is rated as important as other areas. In particular, the colors and materials that make up contribute to the harmony, nurture and maintain the relationship development of the members.

Here are the notes when choosing colors and materials for the kitchen you need to know.

1. Color factor

The kitchen is a place to cook, according to feng shui it has the Fire element. Therefore, the paint color of the carpentry element like green is considered to be the most suitable. This color is not only soft, soft, helps relaxing space but also promotes the birth of the kitchen. If possible, increase the arrangement of a few more bonsai pots in this space!

Green promotes mutuality for the kitchen.

In addition to green, white is also often chosen for the kitchen because they bring a sense of cleanliness, which is the perfect font to coordinate with furniture and accessories. White helps to wake up the senses, suitable for walls, kitchen cabinets. Besides white is the yellow color, it brings a fresh, happy connection among the members during the meal. However, should choose a pale yellow tone, avoid choosing too bright tones that easily make the atmosphere tense.

White and light yellow bring clean, fresh and create a happy atmosphere.

Colors such as brown earth, beige, … belong to neutral color group, so it is suitable for this area. According to the concept of feng shui, these colors bring sustainability and stability, helping the kitchen always feel warm and affluent.

Neutral colors are also quite suitable for the cooking area.

Two colors are often used but according to Feng Shui, the main drawback is blue and red. Because, the blue color (belonging to Thuy, Thuy Khac Hoa), though gentle, but if used much, will overwhelm the attractiveness of food, make users feel unappetizing and reduce joy. bustle of the kitchen. Red is the Fire element, so if overused, the dining room will be unbalanced, bringing a sense of frustration and heaviness for the homeowner.

Blue and red need limited choices for the kitchen.

2. Materials in the kitchen
As mentioned above, the kitchen is based on the five elements of Fire, so the materials selected for walling, flooring or kitchen cabinets should also be selected to suit the feng shui factor. .
We will look at a few examples of materials to choose the most suitable type for homeowners. Because, wall tiles or kitchen tiles must match the five elements of the homeowners.

Materials selected for walling, flooring or kitchen cabinet systems should also be selected to suit the feng shui element.

Such as: Brick, granite is blue, black is in Thuy, if there is metal, add Kim). Red granite is of Fire, if there are more shades of yellow, then increase the Earth. White stone and gray stone attribute Kim. The types of wood from orange to dark brown belong to three continents of Moc – Hoa – Tho. If you choose a system of cabinets made of stainless steel, this material belongs to Kim. You choose what color the surface of the cabinet paints, plus the elements of that onion (such as Red belongs to Fire, Green belongs to Moc, Blue belongs to Thuy …).

Each type of material such as wood, stone, metal, … has its own unique feng shui element.

After you have determined the feng shui properties of the material, it will be easier for you to choose what kind of material is in harmony with the master’s destiny. You belong to any destiny, you will choose the type of mutually compatible materials (Wood Fire, Earth Fire, Earth, Kim, Water, Wood), avoid similar materials (Wood Carving, Earth Carving, Mercury engraved Fire, Fire etched Kim, and Kim engraved Carpentry.

What kind of homeowner will choose the compatible material for the kitchen.


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