and below the bed unusable. So, whether you have a small space, or a large space but want to use it wisely, here are 6 ideas for bed design to know.

1. Folding bed

Designing beds with special functions can be folded out to double the area. An example below is the design of the bed above, with another double mattress sliding out from under the mattress. It is a great option if you have a small bedroom. The headboard can also be folded down to reveal additional storage space and small desk space, ideal for laptop placement.

A folding bed will essentially double the usability of a bedroom space.

2. The idea of ​​spacious loft

As mentioned above, the problem with most older style bed designs is that you will lose all the space above and below the bed. With this design, the bed is raised on a storage cabinet platform, so you still retain usability in the lower space of the bed.

The loft bed often lifts the bed closer to the ceiling, making the bed space feel cramped. This design balances that and you still get the use space under the bed. At the same time when standing up, you will not have to bang your head on the ceiling when sleeping.

Using loft beds means a less cramped bed space.

3. Single bed in the cavity

Another creative idea is a single bed in the niche. If you don’t have a lot of space for a guest bedroom or a master bedroom, a bed design that takes up only the right size of space would be a great choice.

Just put a big bed in a niche of the house. However, one essential feature is the required privacy. A simple curtain or curtain will solve this problem. And so the space doesn’t feel cramped, which is also a good idea to try putting the bed next to the window.

Placing a bed in a niche will create a small bedroom immediately for guests to play.

4. Three-bedroom bedroom

Bunk beds are often the main design when you try to cram as much sleep as possible into the room. However, what makes the bedroom space in the photo unique is the bunk bed and the mattress under the window. Simple wiring helps to keep the top space safe from falling. Again, using the windows helps to make the highest sleeping space feel less cramped. The ladders lead the way from the low bed to the highest. This also proves that you can use every part of the space in interesting and convenient ways.

The bed is tripled thanks to an intelligent, innovative floor design.

5. Complete storage under the bed

A loft bed will always be a favorite design for a bedroom with small space. What makes the loft bed most effective is that the storage can be placed underneath. The space on the bottom with full functions: storage shelves, cabinets, desks.

An loft bed is a smart choice for small spaces. And if the bedroom is too small, the loft bed design might be the only way to integrate more desk space into the space.

The loft bed opens up lots of other storage space.

6. Small play area

You can create anything you want in the empty space under the loft bed. Obviously, you can book a desk, but a relaxed corner will also be another interesting option. In addition, it can be a common area, reading corner, playing video games, …

Some simple curtains give the space a more private feel. They also partition the space under the bed so that it feels like a private room is useful in a shared bedroom space.

Get creative with the underneath of loft bed designs by adding fun relaxation corners.


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