Seeing the sky garden with all kinds of flowers and ornamental plants made by a middle-aged woman who spends all her free time to renovate and organize, many people dream of coming here once to see the flowers blooming gently, beautifully on the terrace like that.

Xiao Yan – 45 years old, said that she loves her garden the most in the spring, when the weather is warm, the garden space also becomes softer. The flowers she planted began to bloom. The garden is always fragrant with the dazzling beauty and charm that everyone who looks at will “fall in love” from the first moment.

The roof terrace is the roof of a low-rise apartment building.

Middle-aged woman makes use of it to renovate into a dream garden.

Her whole family, especially her daughter, loves her mother’s garden.

Ms. Xiao Yan also said that her garden is on the top floor of a building. That garden made many people change their mind about gardening suburbs, living peacefully with green space and plants. Because they still love the bustling life with many utilities in the city. And they still have beautiful rest, so peaceful as the countryside, suburbs when there is a lush garden, colorful flowers on the roof like that.

She spent a lot of time tending to the garden.

She planted trees with decorations.

Everyone who visits loves her garden.

Xiao Yan and her daughter.

Daughter and mother take care, watching the terrace space.

Xiao Yan also dreamed of having a garden in the suburbs, surrounded by white fences and smooth lawns, a wooden house on the beach with a view overlooking the green inside. Every spring, that old house is full of fragrance. She also enjoyed the dream of raising a few more pets and fruit trees.

That dream is gradually coming true when 3 years now, she renovated the roof of the rooftop. An old-style commercial building in the city without an elevator, residents on the top floor will take advantage of the 30m2 terrace. That is the reason why she chose to buy this house to feel the nature is so close.

Nice chat corner.

Roses planted on the terrace.

DIY desk creates Vintage beauty.

Instead of living in a closed apartment all day, she wanted to make herself an open living with a renovated terrace planted with all kinds of trees and flowers, including a rocking chair, camping tent, outdoor grill. After finishing, she replaced the fixed wall with solid glass with transparent glass to help when inside, she still easily felt the nature around her.

Talking about the first time she went to the roof, Xiao Yan said that most high-rise buildings will show signs of leakage due to rain. So, in the summer of three years ago, she went to the roof of the building to look by climbing over the steel-frame stairs. When she got there, she suddenly realized that the rooftop was like another sky. Her life changed from that time, when she saw flowers and trees, when she loved watching the surrounding space and breathing fresh air every morning.

Proper arrangement of space is the plus point creating an impressive garden.

Her gardening also encountered many difficulties when she started to learn about the varieties of plants and flowers, and how to take care of the plants growing day by day in the heat and rain on the roof.

She always had a special passion for flowers. Because of that, the plants and flowers are increasing in the garden. From the trial of flower growing, the garden now has hundreds of different types of blooming. Every time she went to the terrace, she was like stepping into the fairytale world, engrossed in meticulous care of each flower pot to forget even time.

The dining corner is for everyone when visiting the garden.

The trees and the flowers are always lush thanks to her creating a bright, sunny space. Besides, it is a way of caring with the experiences gained during the cultivation process. The garden is always arranged neatly, with a walkway, a chair, with decorations … to create a truly lively space.

She also designed a small area to set tables and chairs. The area is arranged near the kitchen to allow the owner of the garden to invite guests to visit the delicious food, gather in a cozy atmosphere, chat and eat while enjoying the wonderful beauty of nature right away. on the rooftop.


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